Video Calls with Santa App Reviews

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OMG!!!! Awesome!!!!!

Finally, as a parent this app is perfect!!!!! My daughter is too scared to be bad now :-). Highly recommend !!!!!


Purchased this app for my daughter, and it doesnt work!!! When I click make a nice call screen goes blank for 2 seconds and the returns to home screen!! GARBAGE I want my money back!!

what Junk fromn this company

Just bought this app i agree with the last i hit a call it goes black for 2 seconds and then back to the call screen i was ripped off just the normal thing around xmas everyonecashing in to just make money.

Thank u Santa

Try this on your kids. My 2 boys went crazy. They are now doing everything and not fighting- being good... Haha I love it. Thank u santa :-)

Love it

Been using it since Xmas 2010. Kids love it. "Dont make me call Santa" has been used a lot. Works like a charm every time.


Used this with our 4 year old and she was so wide eyed!!! Worth the $.

I want my money back!!!!!

This is a horrible app you can see the changes my niece did not like how it froze!!! Do not get it!! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!

Super fun app

This a a wonderful. Great for kids. My grandchildren love it!

My kids LOVE this app!!!

Best Christmas app Ive ever used!!!! My 4 year old loved it! Hes been asking me if he can call Santa again every ten minutes ever since the first time we did it! My 2 year old loved it too -- the regular phone calls with Santa we tried just bored and/or confused her, but she went nuts with this one, because she was looking right at Santa when he was talking to her, so she knew exactly what was going on! Highly recommend! Thanks!!!

Awesome App

Great app! Very cool and fun! I would recommend it to anyone!


Great app- works as described. My kids have been talking to Santa with nothing but smiles... unless theyve been naughty ;)

Buy this app if you have kids!!!

So so great!! My kids cant get enough of talking to Santa via this app! It makes them so happy and it makes them BEHAVE!!! Love this app!

My fav Christmas app!!!

SO GOOD. Get this app if you have kids in your life. My grandkids absolutely go crazy for this app!!

Perfect Christmas app for kids!!

I love this app!! Would give it ten stars if I could!!!!

Horrible app

There is to much silence between each scene. You can tell its totally rigged. Not even my cousins believe it.


I thought I was going to really FaceTime Santa and it gets creepy sometime when he stare and look like a pedo


Spending 2 bucks on this app that just keeps playing the same thing, fake, roughy transitions( at least you can tap the screen when your done saying something to him) But really! Dont get this app!

Great App!

This is my favorite Xmas app! Its fun & very easy to use.


This app is horrible I want my money back. Santa ask the kids a question and freezes for to long and you can see it goes to a different clip. She lost interest

Best Santas app!

We cant get enough of this app! Tis the season, a must download to start the holiday season off right!

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